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Jason Anthony

When it comes to learning a foreign language, I am politely what is referred to as a “reluctant learner.” I procrastinate, get easily distracted, then give up when I don’t make the progress I want. Frustrated by my previous attempts to learn Italian, I decided to try an “all-in” immersion program combining ARCA’s classroom instruction with Laura’s Love Italian cultural and individual tutoring. Laura approaches teaching with a truly inspiring¬† energy and devotion. In fact, she even gave me a well-deserved “tough love” talk when I arrived – she told me I needed to take my lessons more seriously if I wanted to achieve my goals. And she was right! Immediately, I buckled down and between Laura’s effective teaching techniques and my work in the classroom, I found myself improving measurably! For the first time, I had the confidence that if I put in the work, I could actually learn Italian. I left Bologna for California months ago, but I continue to practice online with Laura on this long but fulfilling journey to language proficiency!