Who we are

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Antonella Orlandi

Antonella Orlandi has been teaching Italian her entire life. Her background in international tourism gives her a great advantage to succeed in comprehending the personal needs of her clients. She has a wide appreciation for the local territory and is looking forward to encouraging the same love within her students.


Laura Bizzari

Laura Bizzari has been tutoring students of all ages in both English and Italian since she graduated from the University of Bologna with a degree in English and Literature. She currently teaches to help students improve their knowledge of language and to share her passion of the Italian lifestyle with others.



Giovanna Salvato

Giovanna Salvato has been teaching Italian, History and Philosophy for more than 30 years. She is passionate about current affairs and politics. She collaborates with Love Italian for courses in History, Philosophy and Italian for Foreigners.



Greta Boccia

Greta Boccia has been teaching Italian for years. She is a passionate expert about the territory and its excellencies. She spontaneously transfers her love for the Italian language and culture thanks to her natural empathy.

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Chiara Giorgi

Passion for teaching, empathy, and a strong desire to convey all the beauty of the Italian language and culture. This is the winning combination that characterizes Chiara, an Italian teacher and promoter of the beauties of our country.


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Eleonora Nanu

Eleonora Nanu is a former Italian language teacher in Germany and an accomplished painter who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden. Now she lives and creates her art in a small but well-equipped atelier in the heart of Bologna. She is enthusiastic about showing the city’s enchanting hidden cultural gems and sharing her love and knowledge of art with visitors.