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Our online courses are the perfect combination of language learning and virtual Italian experience. We invite you to join our virtual stay in Bologna and city tour to discover its art beauties, history and delicious food. Are you ready to become a confident Italian user while experiencing la bella vita from the comfort of your home?

  • Course and lesson length: on request
  • Online platform: Zoom/Skype/Teams
  • Timetable: flexible for any time zone
  • Didactic material: on request
  • Course Price: on request


Course content and topics

We organise interactive classes and tailor-made courses specific for any linguistic and individual need.

Each class focuses both on language and aspects of the Italian culture and lifestyle. Our theory classes will cover all aspects of Italian language: listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar. We also focus on more practical aspects, such as tourism, cooking, art, music, cinema, business, socializing, etc.

We also offer interactive activities to deepen into Italian culture, you pick the topics you are more interested in and we will bring them to you. You will learn how to make tortellini or lasagne with us or any other recipe you love, we will sing together the eternal Italian cantautori’s songs and you will get the chance to meet and chat with other Italian people as we were sitting in a café in the nice little Piazza Santo Stefano enjoying aperitivo together.


Our special values

Authenticity and flexibility

In our courses we offer you authentic Italian experiences tailored to your personal interests and you won’t even need to leave your home. Real-time cooking lessons, Italian and Bolognese art and history learning paths, tips about Italian lifestyle and fashion and much more are here waiting for you.

We offer complete flexibility in course length, intensity and content. Our classes are carefully designed for your current level of Italian, your individual interests and – upon request – your job requirements. We specialize in different fields: general Language as well as marketing, business, tourism etc.


Specific requests

For any extra particular requests please contact us!

Tutoring is also available for more than one person. For a specific quote please contact us

You can also have information and quotes in your own language, please contact us

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